PSA Foundation PSA believe in equality and access to basic services – shelter, clean water, sanitation and education – these are human rights. Though the PSA Foundation, we aim to contribute in meaningful ways to communities who are impacted by such inequities. Over the last 5 years, our response has been to focus on quality of health through ongoing design-build workshops in which students and practitioners of architecture, art and health volunteer their time and labor in favela communities Brazil. We participate in an enriching collaborative of skill, which does as much to reinforce our primary human-to-human connection as it does to provide basic comforts through the physical fabric of the architecture. Our initial build was in the community of São Tomé de Paripe (now completed in 3 stages over 3 years). Subsequently we are now working with the community at Ilha de Maré, an island located in the Bay of Todos-os-Santos, Salvador, Bahia. We hope to continue the next stage of construction work in 2021 alongside allied health and art workshops. Grateful for those who have supported our projects to date; The University of Newcastle, Gwenda Stutchbury, Metalcraft, Murobond, Eco Outdoor and many private donators who have assisted with funding. Thank you to the students, practitioners and community members who donate their time and labor each year to make the projects possible. As these projects gather methodologies, we anticipate a unique opportunity for a variety of talents to contribute, firmly in the belief that this attitude is the future.




Day care Centre

São Tomé de Paripe



5000L rainwater collection

Washing facilities

Thermally efficient educational spaces through passive cooling

Kitchen addition


PSA Foundation

UoN architecture students



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the storytelling room

2019 – ongoing

Community Education Centre

Ilha de Maré


Outcome so far:

Shade structure for storytelling

2000L rainwater collection

Playground from salvaged materials

Atelier Vivo endemic bird mural

Veggie beds and compost bins

Dentistry, integrated health and art projects


PSA Foundation

UoN architecture students



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